You wouldn't believe
the things we do.

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Even at top speed, our
fastest elevators will keep
a coin standing on edge


High-Speed High-Comfort Elevators

The greatest problem with high-speed elevators is lateral motion, or sway. That is why Mitsubishi Electric developed the Active Roller Guide system, which detects sway and counters it by generating damping sway in the opposite direction. We have also developed large-capacity winches that use permanent magnets for smoother rotation, and streamlined elevator cars for greater comfort. These technologies reduce vibration and sway to almost imperceptible levels — making the ride so smooth that a coin set on its edge will not topple.

You wouldn't believe the things we do.

A Fast and Smooth Ride

Continuously evolving high-speed elevator technology

The greatest problem with high-speed elevators is vibration from sway. Mitsubishi Electric was able to install elevators in a 70-floor skyscraper in Yokohama in 1993 with sway so minimized that a coin set on edge won't topple, even at its highest speeds. Today our technology has evolved much further, and the number of such smooth running high-speed elevators has greatly increased.

Active Roller Guide

Lateral sway motion control technology

Lateral sway is caused by minute errors in the accuracy of rails on which elevator cars travel. Our world-first Active Roller Guide system employs sensors that detect minute sway then counter it by generating damping sway in the opposite direction. This and other technologies have reduced vibration to a level so low it is hardly perceptible by passengers.

New system winch enhances travel comfort

High-speed, large-capacity traction machines

Large-capacity motors are used to winch up high-speed elevators. Mitsubishi Electric was the first in the industry to develop a new motor system using permanent magnets to ensure much smoother rotation. These highly efficient motors emit a very low level of movement noise and are exceptionally quiet. They also feature easy operation and greatly improved travel performance. By suppressing both noise and vibration, we have achieved a much higher level of passenger comfort.

Elevators help to ensure pleasant urban living

Elevator design, maintenance and modernization

We have modified the design of our elevator cars. Cars for very tall high-rise buildings are streamlined to reduce both wind roar and micro vibration when the cars travel at high speed in the shafts. In Japan, our 24-hour remote on-line monitoring as well as maintenance and modernization systems help to keep elevators functioning optimally and providing the most comfortable passenger rides possible.

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