You wouldn't believe
the things we do.

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What if you could heat your home
with freezing outside air?


Mitsubishi Electric's heat pump technology for cold climates

Even cold air contains some heat, and with Mitsubishi Electric's renewable heat pump technology, this heat can be captured and transferred into a home by means of a circulating refrigerant that is alternately expanded and compressed. But to keep this process going when the temperature falls below freezing, Mitsubishi Electric developed an original refrigerant circulation system called a Flash Injection Circuit. This circuit ensures a larger volume refrigerant is flowing, even in sub-zero temperatures, making heat pumps a viable option in some of the world's cold regions.

You wouldn't believe the things we do.

Unique technology for highly energy-efficient heating, even in very cold regions

Even the coldest air contains some heat

Heat moves from warmer objects to cooler objects. Therefore, if an object that is outdoors is made colder than the outside air, even in sub-zero temperatures, that object will absorb heat from the air. Heat pumps take advantage of this basic principle.

Heat pumps absorb heat from the outside air and release it indoors

Essential to the process are the properties of the refrigerant used to convey the heat. When the refrigerant is expanded it becomes substantially colder. If the temperature of the refrigerant drops below the outdoor temperature, heat from the outdoor air is transferred to the refrigerant.
As the refrigerant is compressed it grows warmer than the inside room temperature, and this heat from the refrigerant is transferred to the air inside the room. Through repetition of this cycle, the heat pump continuously brings heat in from outside to efficiently heat the building.

Principle of heat pumps
(in case of heating operation)

Original technology that maintains heating performance in cold regions

In cold weather, the heating performance of conventional heat pumps decreases because the amount of refrigerant flow circulating through the system drops. To solve this problem, Mitsubishi Electric developed the “Flash Injection” bypass circuit, which improves the volume of refrigerant circulation by employing two circulation systems.

Heating performance in sub-zero temperatures

Conserving the earth's environment

Demand for highly efficient heating systems using heat pump technology that can extract heat from outdoors is rising year by year. At Mitsubishi Electric, such heat pumps are a major part of our drive to develop technologies that help to prevent global warming. In Europe, in addition to conventional heat pump heating systems, we are developing and manufacturing hot-water heating systems that incorporate heat pump technologies. Around the world, Mitsubishi Electric is committed to developing energy-efficient heating systems that help keep CO2 emissions to a minimum. It's just one example of how we are aiming to become a global, leading green company, enriching society through technology.

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