03 Environmental Activities

ideas for a
greener world

Aiming for a Sustainable Society

Environmental Vision 2021 is the long-term environmental management vision of the Mitsubishi Electric Group. With our sights set on 2021, which also marks our centennial year, we are leveraging our broad range of cutting-edge technologies and the commitment of our employees worldwide to reduce CO2 emissions, promote recycling, reduce waste, and respect biodiversity.

Environmental Vision 2021

Mitsubishi Electric is aiming to be a global, leading green company that contributes to the creation of a more affluent society. We will continue to put Eco Changes into practice as a way of changing our own actions and changing society to be more eco-conscious.

Environmental Statement

“Eco Changes” is the Mitsubishi Electric Group’s environmental statement, and expresses our stance on environmental management. Through a wide range of businesses for homes, offices, factories, infrastructure, and even outer space, we are helping to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Large-scale, High-purity
Plastic Recycling

At Mitsubishi Electric, we are building a recycling-based society, starting with the closed-loop recycling of end-of-life home appliances by our own company. We developed technology that separates and recovers various types of plastic from these products, resulting in reusable material with 99% purity or higher. Our recycling plants are already in operation, producing recycled plastic for use in the manufacture of new products. These advances have enabled us to establish Japan’s first large-scale, high-purity plastic recycling system.

Ratio of recycled plastic available for use in new products increased to a maximum of 70%. Without this technology,
typically only 6% of plastic is recovered and made available for use in new products.

Power Devices Realizing
Lower Power Consumption

We are proceeding with the development and production of power devices that utilize silicon carbide (SiC) in the semiconductor component, thereby realizing a massive reduction in power loss and faster switching compared to silicon semiconductors. These devices are already being incorporated into some of our products, such as air conditioners for general consumers and railcar inverters, resulting in dramatic reductions in power consumption.

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