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Origins of Mitsubishi Electric

Our story traces the history of the development of modern Japan. Spun off as an electric motor manufacturing company of the Mitsubishi Group in 1921, we immediately branched out and grew at a remarkable pace, always anticipating and answering the needs of each era with innovation.
In the 1960s when we were emerging as one of Japan’s most innovative diversified electrical equipment manufacturers, we were already exploring environmentally-responsible manufacturing technologies decades before the environment became a prominent theme. As we have extended our global reach and pioneered developments in fields ranging from computers to satellites, we have introduced breakthrough after breakthrough for the benefit of society, industry, and individuals. Building on our past achievements filled with the world’s firsts, fastest, and largest, we aim to add a new chapter as a leading green company.

Timeline of Progress

Tsukumo Trading Company, which was the origin of Mitsubishi, was established.
Mitsubishi Corporation was established.
It promoted its business diversification and grew as a modern corporation.
Spinning-off of the business departments started.
Mitsubishi Headquarters became a holding company.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation was established.
Mitsubishi Headquarters was dissolved.
Each Mitsubishi company started as a new independent entity.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is an independent company, like other Mitsubishi companies. With the exception of other companies in the Mitsubishi Electric Group, it bears no legal affiliation to other companies that have the word “Mitsubishi” in their names.

Mitsubishi’s founder, Yataro Iwasaki
(Photo credit: The Mitsubishi Archives)
Evolution of the three-diamond mark

The Three Principles

Our origins can be traced back to Yataro Iwasaki, the founder of the Mitsubishi Group, from which Mitsubishi Electric was born. His philosophy of justice and duty to society is summarized in a creed articulated by Koyata Iwasaki, the fourth president of the Mitsubishi organization. The creed is called the sankōryō or “Three Principles,” and evolved into the guiding principles we follow today.
Mitsubishi Electric and other Mitsubishi companies share these three tenets of Iwasaki’s management philosophy:

Corporate Responsibility to Society

Integrity and Fairness

Global Understanding through Business

Guided by this common heritage, Mitsubishi Electric transforms these words into action, pursuing thoroughgoing compliance and a variety of philanthropic and environmental activities around the world.

The Three Principles

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