Supported by our global service network, the extensive lineup of Mitsubishi Electric factory automation and processing systems are on factory floors around the world, helping diverse industries enjoy the added value of rapid integration, flexibility, and efficiency, and achieve new levels of productivity, precision, and — above all — quality.

Automation Systems

For more than 75 years, manufacturers all over the world have relied on Mitsubishi Electric for advanced automation equipment. From modular programmable logic controllers (PLCs) capable of controlling a high-end automation platform, to micro-PLCs, AC servos, and our lineup of inverters, the automation system products of Mitsubishi Electric continue to earn the respect of manufacturers around the world.

Industrial Automation Machinery

Industries utilizing automation machinery require more precise processing, higher functionality, and efficiency. Mitsubishi Electric delivers with next-generation technology that does the job with incredible precision and mission-critical reliability. As an example, our numerical controllers play a key role in machine tool systems, electrical discharge machines, and laser cutting machines, and our state-of-the-art electrical discharge machines are used in the manufacturing processes of medical equipment, semiconductors, electronic devices, and more. Their ability to deliver accurate processing, without the use of valuable human resources, enables our customers to improve productivity and quality levels.


Comprehensive Solution for Factories: e-F@ctory

Our e-F@ctory is a comprehensive solution which works by visualizing a whole range of origin points in the customer’s factory, linking the site of production with the IT system and allowing operations to be optimized. At Mitsubishi Electric, we have put the e-F@ctory system into operation at our own factory, Nagoya Works, where the system has produced impressive results including a 190% increase in the capacity utilization ratio, a 180% increase in productivity, and a 65% decrease in system architecture costs*.

* All figures quoted here were calculated based on the actual performance of e-F@ctory in Mitsubishi Electric’s Nagoya Works and on the results of shifting towards a new system.

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