Reaching for ever higher performance and reliability while reducing size, weight, and power consumption, Mitsubishi Electric creates the automotive electrical components, electronics, and mechatronics that are making vehicles smarter, greener, and safer. At the same time, our car multimedia systems empower drivers with information and expand the world of in-car entertainment.

Automotive Equipment Systems

For over 80 years, Mitsubishi Electric has answered the challenges of the automobile industry with cutting-edge technology. Today we supply leading car manufacturers worldwide with a wide range of products from alternators and electric power steering motors to IPU for hybrid electric vehicles and multimedia systems. Responding to growing environmental concerns, the automobile industry is undergoing dramatic changes. Mitsubishi Electric is ready, applying our innovative technologies to produce a new generation of clean low-emission vehicles that deliver more efficient fuel consumption.


Motors and Controller Units for Electric Power

In 1988, Mitsubishi Electric was the first company in the world to successfully mass-produce motors and controller units for electric power steering. Since that time, we have continued to play a leading role in the industry through our development of motors and controller units that feature increasingly advanced technological functions in a more compact format, and in 2013 through the start of mass production of a “motor controller unit for power steering,” whereby a motor and a controller unit are incorporated into a single product that is the smallest and lightest of its kind in the world (based on internal investigations by Mitsubishi Electric at the time of development). As a leading company in the industry, Mitsubishi Electric is continuing to pursue ever more advanced functionality in these products, in our quest to make driving a more enjoyable experience for drivers everywhere.

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