From a ground-breaking inverter with a conversion efficiency of up to 98%, to environmentally friendly electric power generation, transmission, and distribution systems, Mitsubishi Electric is innovating the power infrastructure with eco-conscious, energy-saving solutions.

Photovoltaic Systems

With over 35 years of experience in the photovoltaic industry, Mitsubishi Electric’s PV systems are designed and built for optimal efficiency and reliability. We’re proud to use 100% lead-free solder in our photovoltaic modules and continue to lead the industry in our development of high-efficiency PV modules.

Power Systems

Around the world, demand for electrical power is expanding. As countries develop, electricity not only powers the growth of their business and industry, but also is a vital lifeline for homes. Today we are providing countries around the world with the same cutting-edge power systems that powered the development of Japan.

Smart Grid Solutions

Exploiting our proven energy platform technology as well as our information and communications technology, Mitsubishi Electric is redoubling efforts to develop innovative Smart Grid & Smart Community solutions that will both contribute to a low-carbon environment and enhance quality of life by providing safer and more secure social infrastructure.


SVC-Diamond, Static Synchronous
Compensator (STATCOM) for Power Grids

Mitsubishi Electric has developed SVC-Diamond, a STATCOM which helps stabilize power networks when renewable energy resources such as solar and wind are introduced. Since renewable energy is derived from natural sources, advanced technologies are required to compensate for voltage variation and ensure voltage transmission stability. In particular, SVC-Diamond ―operates as a reactive power compensator― that utilizes dynamic reactive power compensation capabilities to improve power quality. The commercial launch of the product is planned for 2016 or later.

*Mitsubishi Electric has a track record of supplying one of the world’s largest 450MVA STATCOMs.

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