and Devices

Based on consistently reliable technology, the semiconductors and devices we produce at Mitsubishi Electric are helping to bring about innovations in electronic devices in every sphere, from ordinary households to the realms of outer space.

Power Devices

Power devices are essential for making various kinds of power electronics equipment more energy-efficient, from railway traction systems and automobiles to industrial robots and air conditioning systems. Mitsubishi Electrics is helping to realize a low-carbon society and more fulfilling lives for everyone through the development of power devices.

High-frequency Devices and
Optical Devices

High-frequency devices are equipped with wireless communications devices for satellite communications and radio communications systems used in times of disaster, while optical devices are embedded in the optical fiber communications devices which connect different continents, cities, and households. Mitsubishi Electric is helping to establish information and communications networks through the development of high-frequency devices and optical devices.

Color TFT-LCD Modules

Color TFT-liquid crystal display (LCD) modules are essential for the displays used in various industrial devices, including ATMs, display monitors inside train carriages, vending machines, production equipment, and medical devices. Through the development of color TFT-LCD modules, Mitsubishi Electric is playing a role in the ongoing evolution of the ever-increasing variety of user interfaces and displays used in industrial devices.


Power Devices Incorporating Silicon
Carbide (SiC)

In the domain of power devices, a new material called silicon carbide (SiC) has attracted particular attention recently. Using SiC in power devices can dramatically reduce power losses from such devices due to the special characteristics of the material, greatly boosting the energy efficiency of power electronics devices. Mitsubishi Electric started developing the elements required for SiC in the early 1990s, and has continued to be at the global cutting-edge of the industry by developing commercial versions of SiC power devices and products incorporating these devices, and providing proof of their energy-saving performance to the world at large.

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