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Research and Development

Pioneering achievements in power supply control systems, bringing about innovations in energy-efficient home appliances, and making developments that will open the way to the smart grid of tomorrow — all our breakthroughs begin with anticipating the evolving needs of our customers and examining them in the context of the environment and society. In our quest for next-generation technologies that lead to solutions, we leverage resources both inside and outside our global network of R&D centers in Japan, North America, and Europe, and work in close creative collaboration with customers. We also participate actively in industry-academia co-operative projects. Our R&D activities are helping to create changes for the better.

Key Technologies

The breakthroughs that will define the future and make your life better will come from ceaseless research and development in a range of key technologies:

Power Systems

Mitsubishi Electric aims to build a low-carbon society while ensuring a stable supply of electric power through the development of “smart grids” using ICT (information communication technology), drawing upon the ample track record that we have built up over the years in technologies such as supply-demand control and system control for power transmission and distribution systems.

Industrial Mechatronics

Our advances in the development of high-speed laser drilling machines are contributing to increased productivity in the manufacture of the circuit boards demanded by the increasingly complex functionality of mobile phones and digital household appliances.

Information and Communication Systems

We are undertaking research and development into information security technologies based on the world’s highest level of cryptographic technology, including public key infrastructure (PKI) system technology, security technology for embedded devices, and hardware mounting technology.

Electronic Devices

Through our development and application of the SiC-MOSFET and Schottky diodes, our inverters provide lower power loss and higher power density (resulting in a smaller package).

Home Appliances

Mitsubishi Electric has developed the “i-see sensor,” an infrared sensor which controls the temperature, air flow direction, and air volume of air conditioning systems by detecting not only the temperature of the floor and the positions of the room’s occupants but also their activity levels, the areas where they tend to spend their time, and whether windows are open or shut. The “i-see sensor” has now been embedded in all air conditioning systems used in our offices at Mitsubishi Electric.


Through adoption of Universal Design principles in our product development, we are pursuing true ease of use and comfort for everyone, regardless of physical condition.

Our new glass substrate processing technology uses a pulsed CO2 laser to drill holes with diameters as tiny as 25 microns — the smallest in the world.
We built house-type HVAC evaluation facilities in Scotland, U.K. to test heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.
Our 60kw electric vehicle (EV) motor drive system prototype with a reduced cubic volume of 14.1 liters is the smallest EV motor drive in this category.
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