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Client JAXA
Launch date September 10, 2002
Launch vehicle H-IIA
Launch site Tanegashima Space Center
Orbit Geostationary orbit
Mass 2,650 kg (at launch)
Electrical power 2,000 W (EOL)
Design life 7 years
Responsibilities Prime contractor
Outline The core of the data relay test satellite is the DRTS system. This system supports the space infrastructure needed for the deployment of space operations in the early 2000s, serving as the space communications infrastructure for two-way data relay between ground stations and experimental spacecraft in low to mid-altitude orbit. The DRTS system is essential for relaying large volumes of observational data and global real-time observation in the earth observation and earth sciences analysis fields, particularly with satellites like the ADEOS-II and ALOS. The DRTS system is also essential for supporting increasing volumes of experimental data from the operation and use of Japan's JEM in the space station, and for supporting the advanced experimental support and other operational demands of many of the spacecraft of the future.