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Client SingTel Optus Pty., Ltd.
Launch date June 11, 2003
Launch vehicle Ariane 5G
Launch site Guiana Space Centre
Orbit Geostationary orbit
Mass 4,925kg (at launch)
Electrical power 9,500 W (EOL)
Design life 15 years
Responsibilities Prime contractor Total Program Management Payload Subsystem
Outline OPTUS C1, was successfully launched on June 11 from the Spaceport in French Guiana. OPTUS C1 is designed to increase the capacity for satellite communications services of Australia's leading satellite operator SingTel Optus, our first client outside of Japan. As prime contractor, Mitsubishi Electric was responsible for manufacturing all communications systems. With 16 antennas, 18 beams and four different frequency bands, the C1 satellite delivers broadcast services such as direct-to-home TV, high-speed internet and voice and data communications to Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and Hawaii.