AC substations

Power-receiving switchgear

We employ torsion bar spring-operated equipment with excellent energy transmission efficiency from 145kV to 550kV.

Feeding transformer

We have realized practical use of roof delta (RD) connected transformer for simple connection and a simple configuration. The equipment is also lightweight and saves space.

Control and protection equipment

The employment of an ME-type distributing board boosts reliability and operability, in addition to reducing the expenditure of labor power in maintenance.

DC substations

Control and protection equipment

The combination of advanced digital control technology and a self-diagnostic function results in a high-reliability system that also reduces maintenance manpower.

Power-receiving switchgear

Latest IEC Standard complied, compact size cubicle type gas insulated switchgear (C-GIS).

Regenerative inverter

These units conserve energy by converting train regenerative energy into AC and enabling it to be used for ancillary equipment. They enable stable operation even in response to rapid changes in regenerative energy.

Transformer rectifier

We supply shell-type rectiformers employing a dense layout of silicon rectifiers incorporating shell-type transformers and high-voltage elements. The units save space and reduce loss.

DC Breaker

Large-capacity (100kA) DC breaker with high-speed breaking capability.


S-EIV® (Station Energy Saving Inverter)

Supplies the surplus regenerative energy created by train’s breaking to station electrical equipment.

7.2kV composite insulated switchgear

Power switching equipment that employs dry air composite insulation and uses no greenhouse gases. A CBM* function enables abnormalities to be detected at an early stage.

*Condition Based Maintenance