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About Us – Green Procurement and CSR Procurement

What are Green Procurement and CSR Procurement?

We engage in green procurement activities to provide products and services with minimal environmental impact as part of our initiatives to fulfill our CSR.

Green Accreditation and CSR Evaluation

We evaluate whether our suppliers' environmental initiatives fulfill the criteria approved by the Mitsubishi Electric Group, and maintain strict control of chemical substances to comply with regulations. We also evaluate the degree to which our suppliers ensure CSR, and they are required to improve issues that potentially pose a risk.

Control of Hazardous Chemical Substances

We categorize and manage chemical substances in three levels, and check for chemical substitution, written guarantee of non-usage, reduction activities and amount of chemicals contained.

Document Downloads (Green Procurement / CSR Procurement)

Download our Green Procurement Standards Guide, Chemical Substance Control List, and Green Accreditation Entry Sheet here.

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