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Environment – What is the Mitsubishi Electric Group Doing to Recycle Rare Earth Elements?

Recovering Rare Earth Magnets From End-of-Lifecycle Room Air Conditioners

The Mitsubishi Electric Group initiated the full-scale launch of its rare earth recycling business in April 2012. Mitsubishi Electric has been engaged in recycling business activities at its Group company, Hyper Cycle Systems Corporation (HCS), focusing mainly on the four home appliances of televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners. In particular, since 2010 the Group company Green Cycle Systems Corporation (GCS) has been collecting compressors that are removed from air conditioners. GCS has installed automatic dismantling equipment on its existing compressor disassembly and recovery line and is engaged in the recovery of rare earth magnets,
Among end-of-lifecycle home appliances, air conditioners have the most potential with regard to the recovery of rare earth elements, due to the volume of rare earth elements used and the amount remaining after the end of the product’s life.

Potential Volume of Rare Earth Elements Obtainable through Recycling
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