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Environment – Who Is Involved in the Rare Earth Recycling Business?

This Business Involves not Only Mitsubishi Electric Group Companies, but Magnet Manufacturers as well

Rare earth recycling requires not only efficient recovery processes, but also a framework for fully utilizing these recycled materials in society. As such, the Mitsubishi Electric Group is working with magnet manufacturers with technologies for reusing rare earth magnets to establish a recycling system that expands beyond the confines of the group.
Presently, Green Cycle Systems Corporation (GCS) supplies all of the rare earth magnets (neodymium and dysprosium) it recovers to magnet manufacturers located in Japan. There, rare earth elements are reused to make powerful magnets that are used in a wide range of components found in cutting-edge products, such as home appliances, electric vehicles and computers.

Domestic Recycling System for Rare Earth Magnets
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