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Environment – Aiming to Become a Global Leading Green Company

Mitsubishi Electric is aiming to grow as a global leading green company that contributes to creating a more affluent society. Based on our growth strategies and Environmental Vision 2021, we are working to realize a sustainable society in which people around the world live contentedly and in comfort, and where diverse forms of life coexist.

Specifically, our actions are based on three pillars set forth in Environmental Vision 2021: "creating a low-carbon society," "creating a recycling-based society" and "respecting biodiversity." In all business areas, we see it as our mission to promote the development of innovative products and services high in energy- and resource-efficiency, and to distribute them throughout society, while at the same time reducing the environmental impact of our activities. Accordingly, initiatives based on the three pillars are implemented for material procurement , manufacturing, distribution, and all other business activities. We are also expanding initiatives like these at the global level, which is the practical application of Eco Changes, our environmental statement, thereby affirming our commitment to contributing further to the realization of a more affluent society.


Mitsubishi Electric is aiming to be a global leading green company that contributes to the creation of a more affluent society. We will continue to put Eco Changes into practice as a way of changing our own actions and changing society to be more eco-conscious.

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