Environment – Improving the Level of Environmental Initiatives

Visualizing the Level of Environmental Initiatives at Manufacturing Bases Using Uniform Standards

The Mitsubishi Electric Group has identified strengthening the foundations of its environmental management as one of the objectives for the 8th Environmental Plan (fiscal 2016–2018). In line with this goal, since fiscal 2016 we have been utilizing a unique evaluation check sheet that visualizes environmental impact and the effectiveness of our environmental initiatives. The original check sheet was designed to help us separately evaluate environmental impact and the effectiveness of our environmental initiatives on a scale of 1 to 100 in five areas: air pollution control, water quality, chemical substance management, greenhouse gas reduction, and waste management.

The resulting evaluations are reflected in the environmental plans drawn up by each division and the improvement activities implemented at each base. We have also designed most of the check sheet to be utilized as a communication tool between bases, enabling them to share the details of their improvement activities.

In fiscal 2017, examinations and evaluations were conducted for 91 manufacturing bases which confirmed that further improvements at Mitsubishi Electric factories and affiliated companies in Japan and overseas had been made, resulting in higher averages in all five areas.
For fiscal 2018, the final year of the 8th Environmental Plan, the goal of the Mitsubishi Electric Group is to achieve 100 out of 100 points for all manufacturing bases, an average of 90 points for domestic affiliates, and an average of 80 points for overseas affiliates. All affiliates have already achieved the fiscal 2018 targets.

Example of Evaluation Criteria for Check Sheet

Visualizing the Level of Environmental Initiatives (Example)

Trends in Averages of the Five Areas

Fiscal 2017 Results: Mitsubishi Electric

Fiscal 2017 results: Domestic Affiliates

Fiscal 2017 results: Overseas Affiliates

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