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Environment – Initiatives toward Creating a Low-Carbon Society

Reducing Greenhouse Gases Emitted in the Value Chain

International standards such as the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol and the Basic Guidelines on Accounting for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Throughout the Supply Chain, prepared by Japan's Ministry of the Environment, were referenced to calculate and report the amount of greenhouse gases emitted in fiscal 2016.

Reducing CO2 from Production

A report on our targets to reduce CO2 from energy sources and greenhouse gases excluding CO2 (SF6, HFC and PFC), and information regarding fiscal 2016 initiatives and achievements.

Contribution to Reducing CO2 from Product Usage

A report on objectives and initiatives achieved in promoting energy savings in our products, and the results of reducing CO2 by replacing old products with new highly energy-efficient products.

Reducing CO2 from Logistics

Overview of the Mitsubishi Electric Group's fiscal 2016 achievements in reducing CO2 emissions through just-in-time improvements to boost logistics efficiency.
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