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Environmental Spotlight
Asia Pacific

Environmentally themed song, “Green Harmony from Asia”

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Smile again
Every child, every soul of nature
Don’t cry any more
Say goodbye to legacy pollutions

Try again
Every step, every cure of healing
Don’t sigh any more
Blessing future will be coming soon

Can you feel green, how wonderful?
Can’t you see, how beautiful?
Everything alive on the earth
Can live together in harmony
On my mind

While regaining
Every air, every land and water
Bringing together
I hope you join us
For a greener tomorrow

Sing a song
Green harmony from Asia

While regaining
Every air, every land and water
Bringing together
I hope you join us
For a greener tomorrow

Sing a song
Green harmony from Asia

Cherishing our planet, everyone does their part to preserve the wonders of nature for the children of the future.

With this image in mind, Mitsubishi Electric of the Asia-Pacific region shares with the world an environmental message in the form of an original theme song: “Green Harmony from Asia.”

As the economy continues to develop in Asia, environmental preservation is becoming more and more important. The region currently faces a number of serious environmental issues such as rising sea levels and an increase in major disasters resulting from climate change, which is believed to be induced by greenhouse gas emissions. To make matters worse, air pollution in the form of haze and particulate matter is widespread, and soil and water are being contaminated from the disposal and discharge of hazardous wastes. If people do not take action, it is likely that the situation will only worsen in the future.

On the other hand, there is no instant remedy for environmental problems, and there are limits to what individuals can do on their own. The solution will take ongoing efforts over many years. For this reason, it will be necessary to get people thinking about environmental issues, raise mutual awareness focusing on the next generation, and eventually change our very society.

Environmental conference held at Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd, in Singapore

We hope that the song “Green Harmony from Asia” will inspire in people a sense of responsibility toward the environment, and we believe that sharing Mitsubishi Electric’s eco-conscious mindset with them may lead to enormous benefits. Our wish is to encourage the world, through this song, to adopt environmentally friendly lifestyles and aim for sustainable societies; in addition, we aim to strengthen the bonds between people all over the world as fellow inhabitants of the Earth, giving them the courage to face environmental problems.

The song is an original composition created over a period of three months by Environmental Manager of the Mitsubishi Electric Asia Corporate Office. It was first introduced at the Mitsubishi Electric Group Asia Environmental Conference, held during September 2013 in Singapore. All participating members sang the song together, expressing a spirit of cooperation and unity built upon a mutual concern for the environment. The song was recorded live onto a CD and is now accessible in the upper portion of this page.

In addition, Sachiyo, a Japanese singer-songwriter based in Singapore, makes a cameo appearance. She sings the last phrase as a solo performance, and her beautiful, angelic voice leaves a lasting impression. Sachiyo has appeared in concerts to support relief efforts for the Great East Japan Earthquake, and her activities are supported by various Singaporean and Japanese-affiliated companies, including Mitsubishi Electric.

“Green Harmony from Asia” sends a green message to our entire planet, with the aim of realizing a better, greener tomorrow for everyone.

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