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Environmental Spotlight
Asia Pacific

Employee Volunteers Plant Mangroves and Release Mangrove Crabs in Pak Maenam Prasae, Rayong (Thailand)

The METF has been contributing to Thai society since 1993 by supporting education in Thailand through various initiatives, including volunteer activities.

On May 31, 2014, 460 volunteers representing all affiliated companies in Thailand, along with Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte. Ltd. (Singapore), planted 4,500 mangroves and released 400 mangrove crabs into their natural habitat in Pak Maenam Prasae, Rayong. The local community also collaborated in the event. Mitsubishi Electric Group Companies in Thailand look forward to watching the mangroves growing in the Pak Nam Prasae community in the future, and appreciates having the opportunity to work together with the people of the community today for a greener tomorrow.

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