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Environmental Spotlight
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Pupils explore renewable technology in pilot educational scheme

The UK Branch of Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. opened a Renewable Training Centre (Hatfield) in April 2011 to cater for the growing number of industry professionals that are interested in acquiring the skills needed to serve the renewable energy sector. The centre also has a program called 'The Learning Curve' for schools wishing to study renewable energy as part of the curriculum, and conducted a pilot scheme with students from Rowans Primary School in Welwyn Garden City to explore renewable technology. The 24 students, ranging in age from six to ten, spent time learning the importance of reducing energy use, re-using things wherever possible and recycling to help reduce carbon emissions and limit the effects of climate change. Using a specially designed workbook and purpose-built experiments, the children discovered how photovoltaic panels can use solar energy to reduce electricity consumption, investigated how air source heat pumps can provide heating in the middle of winter, recycled their drinking cups into bird feeders, and learned how kitchen waste is recycled. Mitsubishi Electric is now looking to develop the program for other schools in the local area.

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