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Environmental Spotlight
Asia Pacific

Skits to Demonstrate the Importance of Environmental Conservation

In August 2013, Mitsubishi Electric Taiwan Co., Ltd. (ME-TWN) performed a skit for the first time featuring an original character based on the Formosan sika deer, an endangered species the raising of which ME-TWN has been financially supporting since fiscal 2012. In the skit, the president of ME-TWN dressed up as an environmental conservationist professor and called attention to the importance of protecting the environment. Since the skit in August 2013, ME-TWN again performed the skit at a school for the disabled in December 2013, and donated an AED (automatic external defibrillator) to the school.

Planting Trees Today for a Better Life Tomorrow
Planting of 1000 Trees, Drawing Competition, and Other Philanthropic Activities
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