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Support for the Remedy of Storm Damage and for Reforestation in Düsseldorf


A severe storm attacked Germany in June 2014. It heavily damaged not only sports fields, outdoor swimming pools, playgrounds, schools, and kindergartens, but also forests in Ratingen and across the city of Düsseldorf.

Mitsubishi Electric wanted to help immediately and provided a five-digit sum to assist with recovery from the massive storm damage in Düsseldorf. Themed "New Trees for Düsseldorf," a five-point action plan was presented to support reforestation in Düsseldorf.

Furthermore, Mitsubishi Electric gave a financial donation to support the reforestation of Poensgen Park in Ratingen. The symbolic check was officially handed over to the mayor of Ratingen on October 27, 2014, and a concept for rebuilding Poensgen Park was introduced. "We as a local company in Ratingen want to do our best to help repair the damages after the big storm. Social engagement is deeply rooted in our company," said Yoji Saito, president of the German branch of Mitsubishi Electric.

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