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Supporting Project for a Greener Community and a Sustainable Future in Wigan

The UK Branch of Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. announced that it has become the official main partner for Wigan Warriors Community Foundation and a key partner of the Foundation's new I'm a Green Warrior project.

I'm a Green Warrior is a groundbreaking campaign to advance the growth of a greener community and a sustainable future in Wigan. The Warriors Foundation aims to be the spearhead in engaging hundreds of schools, colleges, and businesses along with thousands of individuals to get involved in the renewable energy agenda.

The Warriors Foundation and Mitsubishi Electric share a vision for a more sustainable future. Working with the 'I'm a Green Warrior' project, Maloney Associates, and the Energy Hub, the partnership will help to engage the community in the green agenda and educate young people about the benefits of sustainability.

The partnership will also allow the Foundation to further expand its impressive existing delivery programme while pioneering new projects and having a positive impact on more people in the community than ever before.

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