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Environmental Spotlight
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Eco Changes in Practice

Core Technologies Supporting
Eco Changes

Researching some of the world's
most advanced technologies

Next-generation power electronics technologies

SiC Power Device Technology

While researching ways to create high-voltage, large-current SiC (silicon carbide) power devices with lower power loss and higher functionality, we are concurrently accelerating the development and commercialization of applied technology for inverters. In order to expand the application of our power devices to railway systems and other industrial fields, we are improving the capabilities and voltage range of our devices by embedding sensors in transistors so that an IPM (Intelligent Power Module) can be realized.

Wide field of SiC applications

Plastic recycling rate improved significantly using original technologies

Advanced Recycling Technologies

A first in Japan*1, the three major plastics found in home appliances (polypropylene, polystyrene and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) are separated with over 99% purity from mixed plastic recovered through the electric appliance crushing process. As a result, compared to the amount recycled previously, the amount of high-grade plastic that can be recycled for use in new products has been increased more than tenfold*2—from 6% to a maximum of 70%.

Mitsubishi Electric's Large-scale
High-purity Plastic Recycling
  1. *1 As of June 2, 2010: Based on in-house study of reusing mixed plastics by separation and recycling into the three major plastics, each having a high purity of over 99%.
  2. *2 In-house comparison.
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