Intelligent ways to save energy and reduce CO3 from production

Close-up: The Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems Works

Initiatives as a Factory That Excels in Environmental Improvements


Air Conditioning & Refrigeration System Works

Manufacturing large-scale air conditioning and refrigeration systems, including commercial cooling systems

Among Mitsubishi Electric's many production sites, the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems Works is particularly focused on environmental conservation. From early on, they have incorporated energy conservation initiatives into just-in-time activities and promoted various improvements to ensure the necessary item is in the necessary place at the necessary time by conducting energy usage inspections from six perspectives (change, quit, stop, lower, fix and reuse). These activities produced remarkable results, which were recognized with two first prize awards for factory excellence at our internal improvement activities announcement, which is attended by representatives from each site.

Also, the works independently created a booklet titled Factory Energy Conservation Initiatives that provides case studies and a summary of achievements at the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems Works. This booklet is particularly popular with customers who are concerned with how to make their entire factory more energy efficient.

Furthermore, at present a new, environmentally compatible wing of the factory is under construction on the Works' premises. In addition to highly insulated facilities and energy-saving equipment, the facility will include a photovoltaic system and greenbelt landscaping on the roof and walls. And the factory's product display area is designed around the concept of factory-wide energy visualization, showcasing the energy visualization initiatives of the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems Works.

diagram: Six Perspectives for Energy Conservation Activities

Factory Energy Conservation Initiatives

Presented in a series format, this publication is in its 12th edition, providing readers with energy conservation success stories and practical pointers.


The environment-themed wing is scheduled for completion in August 2010.

Expanding the Scope of CO2 Reduction Measures to Testing Facilities

The Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems Works has been engaged in initiatives to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions from production in accordance with company-wide policy, but from fiscal 2010 the focus of these activities was expanded to incorporate testing facilities in energy conservation initiatives.

This factory, which mainly produces air conditioning equipment, must conduct tests under a variety of environmental conditions, and energy used during product testing makes up a large percentage of overall energy usage, which, at 20%, is second only to the 28% of overall energy usage during production. Of this 20%, a large amount is used in the testing facilities, where we promote various improvements.

We are promoting various measures, including the visualization of changes in electric power usage for each testing procedure and the change to inverter-based control to operate testing facilities. Furthermore, in noise measurement testing for indoor units with low heat loads, knowing that even setting wider tolerance for temperature conditions we can still meet our objective, we put into practice key measures that rigorously calculate the energy required to acquire valid data.