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They alert me to dangers the eye can’t see.

The sky is unpredictable. Even in clear and sunny weather, I always have to be ready for unexpected turbulence. But fortunately, I have some help when I’m landing at Hong Kong International Airport. Radar systems near there send wind information to me in the pilot’s seat, showing me what otherwise I couldn’t see. This helps me ensure a safe, smooth landing.
—Airline captain, age 54

Mitsubishi Electric is supporting air traffic safety through cutting-edge radar systems

Mitsubishi Electric’s windshear monitoring radar at Hong Kong International Airport, one of Asia’s key airline hubs

Doppler Radar Technology
By Mitsubishi Electric

For a Safe Landing

Today, automatic operation is relied on to a great extent in landing aircraft. However, if there is turbulence due to adverse weather conditions, manual operation is used in order to ensure the stability and safety of the plane.
At these times, it is essential for the pilot to have an accurate awareness of the wind flow around the plane's course in real time. Weather Doppler radar makes this possible.

Ensuring Safety at Hong Kong International Airport
Weather Doppler Radar

Geographical factors contribute to unpredictable wind patterns around Hong Kong International Airport, but wind flow becomes particularly unstable during the typhoon season. Positioned a little over 10 kilometers beyond the airport's runways, weather Doppler radar equipment monitors the wind flow around approaching planes 24 hours a day. The system sends continuous real time data concerning wind patterns to planes that are taking off and landing.

A Technology for Precise Measurement of the Motion of Tiny Water Droplets

Applying the principle of the Doppler effect, weather Doppler radar sends out bursts of radio waves that are reflected from tiny water droplets in the atmosphere (in clouds, etc.). The movement of the droplets is detected by measuring infinitesimal changes in the reflected waves that are returned. By aggregating the movements of an enormous number of water droplets, the system can reveal wind patterns.

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