Our concept of compliance

Mitsubishi Electric Group regards "ethics and compliance" as the foundation of corporate management, and make efforts to establish even stronger relationships of trust with customers, stakeholders and society with a compliance motto "Always Act with Integrity."

Thorough dissemination/education of our compliance policy

From top management to the divisions in charge of compliance, the Mitsubishi Electric Group ensures direct engagement with employees on the subject of compliance in a diverse range of situations to build awareness of the importance of compliance and our corporate stance on it.

Basic efforts against compliance risks

Through company-wide education and auditing, the Mitsubishi Electric Group takes measures to comply with rules.

Compliance audits / Ethics and legal compliance hotlines

Mitsubishi Electric Group companies carry out several compliance self-inspections each year, while the Corporate Auditing Division conducts internal audits to check compliance and provide instruction if improvement is needed. Also, the "ethics and legal compliance hotlines" are in place in each Mitsubishi Electric Group company.