Tax policy

The Mitsubishi Electric Group has established the basic policy on tax that each group company shall adhere to in its domestic and international business activities.

Our approach to information security

The Mitsubishi Electric Group handles confidential corporate information and personal information appropriately as part of its social responsibility to make certain that such sensitive information does not leak out and cause concern for our customers and society.

R&D / technology

Mitsubishi Electric provides the cutting-edge technologies required by today’s society, while always looking to the future to create something new. Our R&D activities in a broad range of fields—from large-scale energy systems to the tiniest of electronic devices—continue to push the boundaries of technology in order to help bring about changes for the better worldwide from our products and services.

Intellectual property

The Mitsubishi Electric Group recognizes that intellectual property (IP) rights represent a vital management resource essential to its future and must be protected. Through integrating business, R&D, and IP activities, the Group is proactively strengthening its global IP assets, which are closely linked to the Group’s business growth strategies and contribute to both business and society.

Communication with shareholders and investors

Through dialog and engagement with shareholders and investors, the Mitsubishi Electric Group makes every effort to incorporate their views into our IR activities, in a relationship of trust and understanding. We disclose the appropriate information in a timely manner in regard to management policies, strategies, and financial results.