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Drive Units

Drive Units

High-gain servo/spindle drives, capable of fully enhancing drive system performance.

High-performance Servo/Spindle Drives MDS-D/DH series
Servo/Spindle Drives MDS-D-SVJ3/SPJ3 Series.
Multi-hybrid drives MDS-DM Series.

MDS-D/DH Series

With the fastest current control cycle, basic performance is drastically enhanced(high-gain control).

High-performance Servo/Spindle Drives MDS-D/DH series

MDS-D-SVJ3/SPJ3 Series

Ultra-compact drive units with built-in power supplies contribute to reducing control panel size.

Servo/Spindle Drives MDS-D-SVJ3/SPJ3 Series

MDS-DM Series

The multi-hybrid drive unit drives a maximum of three servoaxes and one spindle

Multi-hybrid drives MDS-DM Series
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