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Electrical Discharge Machines

Electrical Discharge Machines

Mitsubishi Electric EDMs make works easier for both first timer and long time users when handling complicated shapes.

Mitsubishi Electric Die-sinking EDMs, Wire-cut EDMs and Fine-hole EDMs enhance productivity with high-speed and high-accuracy. Besides mold making, it is also recognized as a great tool in manufacturing high reliable parts used in aircraft and IT industries.

Please refer to web site of MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC ASIA PTE. LTD. for details

Product List

  • Wire-cut Electrical Discharge Machines

    Wire-cut Electrical Discharge Machines

    Application in wide range from parts manufacturing to ultra-high accurate mold making.

    • • PA ADVANCE Series
    • • MV-R Series
    • • MV-S Series
    • • NA Series
    • • FA-V Series
  • Die-sinking Electrical Discharge Machines

    Die-sinking Electrical Discharge Machines

    Appliable from fine high-accuracy machining to high-productivity jobs using large electrode.

    • • EA ADVANCE Series
    • • MA2000
    • • EA Series
  • CAD/CAM , S/W

    CAD/CAM , S/W

    Provides solutions in workshop.

    • • CamMagic AD
    • • E.S.P.E.R SCHEDULE
    • • RemoteMagic II
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