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Laser Processing Machines

3D Laser Processing Machines Mitsubishi Electric's 3D laser cutting/welding systems pave the way to new laser applications. Our latest version of the VZ series is a result of many successive innovations, having the capabilities to deliver integrated solutions to 3D processing.

Delivers unprecedented performance, creating the future of laser processing.

We design and manufacture every critical component that goes into our laser system from the cutting machine to resonator and control unit. Our vast line-up of 2D and 3D laser processing machines offer the ultimate in speed, accuracy and flexibility.

Product List

  • 2D laser processing machines that unleash new possibilities of laser cutting.

    • • GX-F series
    • • RX-F series
    • • RX series
    • • eX series
    • • SR-F series
    • • SR series
    • • HV2-R series
  • 3D laser processing machines that pave the way to new fields of application.

    • • VZ10 series
    • • VZ20 series
  • Mitsubishi Electric takes laser drilling machines to a whole new level.

    • • GTW5 series
    • • GTF4 series
    • • GTW5-UVF20 series
  • Large-size utility machine yet with high-speed versatile functions.

    • • XL-F series
    • • XL series
  • Automation systems that precisely meet the needs of users, applicable to CO2 and fiber laser processing machines.

    • • Flexible Loader and Unloader 30MA Series
    • • PCL-GX-F Series for GX-F Series
    • • PCL-RX/RX-F Series for RX/RX-F Series
    • • PCL-eX/eX-F Series for eX/eX-F Series
    • • PCL-SR/SR-F Series for SR/SR-F Series
    • • SCX-GX-F Series for GX-F Series
    • • SCX-eX/eX-F Series for eX/eX-F Series
    • • SCX-SR/SR-F Series for SR/SR-F Series
  • Mitsubishi Electric's software solutions available to the factory floor.

    • • LA series
    • • TL-II series
    • • Lantek Flex3d Tubes
    • • LA linkage
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