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Drive Products - Geared Motors Dimensions/CAD

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GM-S series (Parallel shaft type)

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Indoor type (Single-phase)



Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

[CAD data file formats]
  Format Extension
2D DXF .dxf
3D STEP .stp
[2D-CAD : DXF]
  • - The names of the downloaded DXF files may not always match the product model name.
  • - Import the data into your CAD software.
  • - DXF files do not include dimension lines or dimension labels.
Important notice :
  • - Because DXF files are intermediate files, the data is not fully compatible. Some CAD software may not read the files completely.
  • - These DXF and DWG files were created using millimeters as the unit. Dimensions indicated are valid to 1 decimal places.
  • - Unzip the downloaded ZIP compressed file before use it.
  • - The names of the unzipped 3D-CAD data are a combination of "product model (lowercase letters, no hyphen) _output (kW, no decimal point) _gear ratio range".     ex.) ""
3D-CAD data models :
  • - 3D-CAD data models should be used for just design review.
  • - The content of 3D-CAD data models is subject to change without notice for the purposes of product improvement, etc.
  • - Contact us if you cannot import the files properly.
  • - 3D-CAD data is not meant to guarantee the specifications of our products. We accept no liability for any loss or damage that may arise from your use of 3D-CAD data.

When you have downloaded 2D-CAD data or 3D-CAD data, it shall be deemed to have accepted the terms mentioned above.