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PM Modi of India learns about e-F@ctory.

At a time when manufacturing is rapidly evolving to meet the challenges of the digital era, countries are equally competing globally to create a positive environment for that manufacturing to exist and thrive. This all adds up to an excitement which is infectious, and that is especially true in Maharashtra in the west of India where the Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India came to lend his support to the Magnetic Maharashtra Convergence conference, held 18th-23rd of February 2018.

For some time now the "Make in India" slogan has been working to unite opinion and actions to drive forward the manufacturing industry in India.
The recent Convergence conference was a great catalyst bringing keynote speeches, workshops, networking sessions and a technology expo together with the specific aim of promoting manufacturing and investment in the Masharatra state.
Mitsubishi Electric was also present with a 250sqm booth which featured their "Empowering Express"; one of two 7-tonne, 16 wheeler industrial showroom's-on- wheels bristling with the latest technology. Normally these trucks can be found touring the length and breadth of India, explaining daily how Mitsubishi Electric's e-F@ctory concept can be used to achieve the digital manufacturing dream. During the expo, as Prime Minister Modi toured the plethora of exhibits, he took time-out to see for himself how Mitsubishi Electric's "Empowering Express" and e-F@ctory concept was supporting the "Make in India" initiative before moving on to visit other vendor booths.

Katsunori Ushiku, Managing Director, Mitsubishi Electric India (MEI), was fortunate enough to join Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, other ministers and leading CEO's from around the world to hear inaugural speech of Prime Minister Modi. In a recent interview with Rahul Kamat (Power Today), Mr Ushiku expressed his optimism for the Indian market, describing it as "...one of the hottest business destinations in the world today".
He went on to highlight several recent investments by Mitsubishi Electric in two new manufacturing facilities; for "Transportation Systems and Technical Center for CNC" and in 2016 for elevators and escalators. These investments are in addition to the existing Factory Automation and Air Conditioning presence. Now in total Mitsubishi Electric has one R&D center focused on the needs of the Indian market, as well as three manufacturing centers and 23 office and technical centers across the Indian continent.

Mitsubishi Electric began supplying equipment for electric locomotives to the Indian Railways in the early 1960's through its Transportation Systems Division in Japan. From this humble beginning Mitsubishi Electric has built up a strong partnership with Indian market culminating in a 65% market share of the rolling stock equipment for the metro-rail market. Mr Ushiku went on to talk about recent orders for 1800 rail cars from Delhi Metro as well as other recent activities supporting projects in Jaipur, Mumbai and Kolkata for example. Mr Ushiku believes that as India’s manufacturing sector rapidly expands competition between manufacturers for skilled workforce will increase, which in turn will drive further adoption of automation technology. To that end he explained how Mitsubishi Electric was working with India’s key Universities to bring automation know-how to tomorrow’s students and that he was extremely pleased that the second Automation Cup, a competition held between technical universities, was being held this year. “We cannot do enough to train tomorrow’s engineers to be ready to take India forward to the next level of manufacturing, so I am very happy that we have the chance to work with so many talented young people” commented Mr Ushiku “we are also anticipating an increasing need for talented individuals to support our own R&D efforts and our customers long in to the foreseeable future”.
In conclusion the future certainly looks bright for “Make in India” and is set to thrive through the collaboration with market leading companies symbolized by the Magnetic Maharashtra Convergence conference.