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Corporate Information Security

Declaration of Confidential Corporate Information Security Management

With respect to the information assets that constitute its core business activities, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation shall disclose information that should be released externally in a timely and appropriate manner, while ensuring strict and appropriate management of confidential corporate information.
In the unlikely event that valuable information or confidential corporate information entrusted to us by others were to leak, this would not only cost the trust and confidence invested in the Company; the improper use of this information could also threaten national, societal and individual security.
Recognizing that appropriate management of confidential corporate information is a key corporate social responsibility, the Company hereby declares that all employees shall comply with the following confidential corporate information management policies.


Appropriate Management of Confidential Corporate Information through Compliance with Laws, Ordinances and Regulations

The Company shall manage all confidential corporate information concerning business activities appropriately in accordance with laws, ordinances and Company regulations.
"Confidential corporate information" means valuable technical or business information held by the Company, and information (such as personal information, information obtained from outside the Company and insider information), which, if disclosed or used in an unauthorized way, could be disadvantageous to the Company and/or its stakeholders. Physical objects that constitute confidential corporate information are also subject to control.


Enforcement of Security Management Measures

The Company shall implement appropriate security management measures for the protection and proper control of confidential corporate information.
"Security management measures" means organizational, human, technological and physical measures that are strictly enforced according to the confidentiality level of the applicable corporate information.


Enhancement of Information System Security Measures

The Company shall enhance its information system security measures to prevent unauthorized access, intrusion and wrongful use of confidential corporate information, and implement comprehensive countermeasures with IT.



Recognizing that the awareness of individual employees who are involved in handling confidential corporate information is fundamental to management, the Company shall provide regular education for all employees concerning the importance of confidential corporate information management and the Company's efforts to enhance it.


Continual improvement of Management through the PDCA Cycle

The Company shall establish a confidential corporate information management system and improve it proactively and continually through the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Action) cycle.


Timely and Appropriate Information Disclosure

In addition to rigorously managing confidential corporate information in an appropriate manner in line with items 1 through 5 above, the Company shall disclose information that should be externally released in a timely and appropriate manner.

April 1, 2014

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

President & CEO, Masaki Sakuyama

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