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Who we are

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is a world leader in the manufacture and sale of electronics used in various applications.
To maintain safety and stability, we provide advanced technological solutions that contribute to national security.

Our Defense Business

In the defense industry, Mitsubishi Electric is a leading defense manufacturer providing equipment to the Japanese Ministry of Defense and supporting Japanese operations for over half a century. Our advanced technological capabilities, high-quality products and dedicated after-sales service have been proven by the delivery and deployment of many of Japan’s advanced defense assets.

Responding to the everchanging security environment, we actively engage in the R&D of sensors, EW, HGV countermeasures and space, to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our customers and meet stringent requirements.

Defense Export Policy (Japanese government’s Three Principles on the Transfer of Defense Equipment)

In accordance with the Japanese government’s Three Principles on the Transfer of Defense Equipment (2014), Mitsubishi Electric is committed to contributing to national security by enhancing deterrence. In collaboration with the Japanese government, Mitsubishi Electric is engaged in joint development, direct equipment transfer, and supply chain participation with governments and companies in various countries.

In 2020, Mitsubishi Electric became the first Japanese company to successfully export defense equipment to an overseas user.

Product Line-up

In accordance with the Japanese Government Military Export Policy (The Three Principles on Transfer of Defense Equipment and Technology), Mitsubishi Electric offers various products in world markets.

Radar Systems

FPS-3ME – Advanced Air Surveillance Radar

TPS-P14ME – Mobile Air Surveillance Radar

TPS-P80ME – Coastal Surveillance Radar

Shipboard Systems

Shipboard All-around Observation System

Anti-Drone Systems

Drone Deterrence System

Modules and Devices

TR-Module & SSPA


Through the continuous pursuit of technological advancements in defense systems, Mitsubishi Electric has been a contributor to the homeland safety and security of Japan as a major supplier of electronics systems to the Japanese Ground, Maritime and Air Self-Defense Forces since the 1960s.

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Global Network

Mitsubishi Electric has a global network of offices to serve the specialized needs of each market.

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