Product Line-up

TPS-P80ME – Coastal Surveillance Radar

TPS-P80ME – Coastal Surveillance Radar

Multi-purpose X-band mobile coastal surveillance radar system for detection and tracking vessels and low-altitude aircraft

Product Information

Intended for deployment in coastal areas, the TPS-P80ME is a mobile coastal surveillance radar designed to detect and track vessels and low-altitude aircraft, including high-speed fighters. This system is an enhanced version of the J/TPS-P80 operated by the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force.

Key Features

  • Simultaneous detection of aerial and sea level targets
  • High power and reliable SSPA technologies
  • Advanced signal processing for superior accuracy
  • Rapid deployment
  • Transportable by CH-47

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency Band: X-band
  • Instrumented Range: 160Nm (296km)