Product Line-up

Drone Deterrence System

Drone Deterrence System

Countermeasure for illegal commercial drone activities

Product Information

Portable anti-drone system for effective detection and jamming of commercial drones

  • Drone Deterrence System in operation

  • Drone Deterrence System in operation
    antenna unit, transmitter-receiver unit and control unit

Key Features

  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to operate
  • GPS signal jamming
  • All-conditions operations

Technical Specifications

  • Detection Frequencies: 920MHz、2.4GHz、5.7GHz、5.8GH
  • Jamming Frequencies: 920MHz、2.4GHz、5.7GHz、5.8GHz, GPS (L1, L2)
  • Range & coverage: Approximately 3km and 45° per system

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