Precise data acquisition of power demand to boost deployment of renewable energy resources with unstable output

AMI systems collect metering data that enables a precise understanding of the actual energy demand of consumers, helping to stabilize the management of renewable energy power supply systems.


  • The use of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, is expanding worldwide. However, solar and wind turbine energy generators are intermittent power sources as they tend to provide an unstable supply, making it difficult to manage supply and demand reliably within power systems.
  • In order to effectively incorporate such renewable energy into existing electric power networks and stably deliver electricity to consumers, it is essential to accurately grasp and predict the balance of supply and demand throughout the whole power grids in detail.


  • AMI systems measure and collect metering data of electricity consumption at intervals set by the utility companies. By predicting power demand with high accuracy based on the data gathered, utility companies can effectively maintain an optimum balance between supply and demand across the whole power network and deploy renewable energy stably and consistently.
  • In particular, Mitsubishi Electric's AMI systems are able to simultaneously obtain more detailed and greater amounts of metering data, resulting in the utilization of renewable energy in a much more accurate and efficient way.

Our Highlighted Benefit

  • Simultaneous collection of massive amounts of detailed metering data
  • Highly accurate and effective comprehension of real-time electricity demand in combination with other power supply-demand systems, leading to the successful deployment of renewable energy sources