Full Turn Key / Engineering

Mitsubishi Electric offers FTK substation solutions that include power system analysis, plant design, equipment, installation work, and maintenance services. A wealth of experience can meet a variety of needs.

About Full Turn Key Solutions

A type of contract aimed at delivering a facility "in a state which enables the buyer to operate it just by turning a key“.

Solutions that…
Analyze Power System and Design Plant

Our solution service starts with your power system analysis and plant design.

Our business activities

Sales, engineering, manufacturing, project management and after-sales service of equipment and systems related to the power transmission and distribution business.

Connect to FACTS and HVDC

Mitsubishi Electric offer FTK substation solutions that connect to *FACTS and HVDC.
*FACTS(Flexible AC Transmission System):A system for stabilizing AC transmission system, controlling current, etc.

Provide Various Equipment and Systems

Mitsubishi Electric provide various equipment such as primary equipment (Transformer and GIS), protection system and Substation Control Monitoring System (SCMS) to achieve superior reliability and safety with FTK solution.

Extensive delivery record

About 350 substation project deliveries since 1979, mainly in the Middle East
⇒ Reliability based on the high technological and quality standards gained from copious experience

Stationing of on-site engineer in the local base

An on-site engineer is stationed in the Dubai-Kuwait base, one of our priority markets
⇒ Facilitation of a close response to customer needs, as well as rapid after-sales service

Local-based project implementation

Copious experience of cooperation with civil engineering & construction / installation and test contractors, with practical procurement routes from local contractors
⇒ Facilitation of low-cost and smooth project implementation

FTK substation solutions are all in one solutions that combine our state-of-the-art engineering technologies and accumulated know-how.