Over the past 40 years, Mitsubishi Electric has made numerous technological advancements in the development of high performance power electronics based systems. Mitsubishi Electric is pleased to announce a new key technology to add to its history of innovation: Voltage Source Converter (VSC)-based HVDC-Diamond®.

HVDC Applications

Sources of power generation are changing rapidly, bringing new challenges to grid operators. Modern power systems are increasingly utilizing HVDC as a flexible and economical solution to varied needs such as: renewable integration, grid re-enforcement and long-distance transmission.

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Core Technology

HVDC-Diamond® is Mitsubishi Electric’s latest offering in the field of HVDC. Our converter uses the well-proven Modular Multi-level Converter (MMC) topology, which gives a flexible solution in terms of scaling of power output, from 50 MW to 1000 MW and more. Being a Voltage Source Converter (VSC), the system has significant ancillary benefits to the operator, such as reactive-power support, black-start capability, fast power-flow reversal, improved grid accessibility for weak systems, low harmonic distortion, etc.

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Our fully integrated control and protection system allows for a wide variety of customized functionality, based on the users requirements. This includes fault ride through performance, power oscillation damping, black start control, etc.

Mitsubishi Electric utilizes our own highly reliable in-house IGBT device for sub-modules. Its reliability is proven in traction and industrial uses and the optimization reducing losses for utility use makes the leading-edge X-series IGBT ideal for MMC applications.

Trusted Supplier

Ensuring high-quality is our priority. With our 50 MW HVDC-Diamond® verification facility, located in Amagasaki, Japan, this enables to validate the integration of total HVDC system including auxiliary systems.

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Supply Records

With a long history of supplying power-electronic based solutions for the transmission system, performance has been assured.

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