Mitsubishi Electric transformers are renowned for their safety and reliability. Our compact, large-capacity systems are extremely efficiency, and as the demand for power transmission and distribution networks grows, Mitsubishi Electric products are being installed around the world.

Our Value

Mitsubishi started manufacturing the transformers in 1910.
Since then, building on our strengths in both Shell-type and Core-type transformers, we have been manufacturing highly valued products for a range of fields, including power, industrial and transportation applications.
As we move forward, we will continue to pursue high quality and excellent performance for our transformers.

Generator Step-up Transformers

Generator step-up transformers are ideal for large-capacity power plants like those required for nuclear power generation. We developed and manufactured a three-phase transformer for the world's largest-capacity (1,510MVA) nuclear power plant.

Autotransformers (Three & Single Phase)

Customers have evaluated Mitsubishi Electric shell-form transformers as one of the best transformers in the industry for high-voltage, large-capacity transmission and distribution.

Three phase unit

Single phase unit
(TEPCO Power Grid - Shin Kisaradzu substation)

Autotransformers (Special Three Phase)

Mitsubishi Electric has vast experience in producing more than 550 shell-form special three phase transformers which transportation size can be reduced to 50 % of three phase unit.

Gas Insulated Transformers

Nonflammable gas-insulated transformers use SF6 gas as the cooling and insulating medium.