Compact AI will change the world in big ways.

When AI goes to work in every part of our world,
it will change the world in amazing ways.
Mitsubishi Electric has made AI more compact
so it can go on almost any device and make
everything smarter.

Introducing Maisart.

Maisart is the compact AI with infinite possibilities.

Maisart is Mitsubishi Electric’s brand of AI technology. The name stands for
Mitsubishi Electric’s AI creates the State-of-the-ART in technology.”
This means that we are using our proprietary AI technology to
make everything smarter.

The three technologies that make up Maisart


Deep learning

Compact algorithm.
Implement high level AI for all equipment.

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Reinforcement learning

Implement our AI in a short period of time
by speedy learning.

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Big data analysis

Make data analysis smarter
in edge computing.

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Knowledge processing

Understands people’s complex intentions and actions and supports speedy decision-making.

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efficiently explore parameter combinations for running all kinds of equipment and systems.

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Case Studies


Mitsubishi Electric Develops Behavioral-analysis AI that Analyzes Manual Tasks Without Requiring Training Data

Reduces time for analyzing manual work on production sites by up to 99%

Mitsubishi Electric's AI Detects Dangerous Behavior in Videos

Analyzes multiple persons' correlated movements; Suppresses false positives

Mitsubishi Electric and TMEIC Develop Electrical Motor-design Support System Incorporating AI

Contributes to workload and lead time reduction by dramatically shortening time to achieve same results as existing methods

Mitsubishi Electric’s AI Creates Knowledge Graphs from Text and Graphics to Visualize Information Relevance

Users can grasp necessary information quickly and intuitively

Mitsubishi Electric Develops AI Technology for Fast, Accurate Reidentification, Tracking and Searching of Human Subjects

Supports detection and tracking of suspicious persons and lost children using multiple cameras

Mitsubishi Electric’s New Technology Clarifies AI Control Rationale

Eliminates AI black boxes and realizes more understandable AI

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Cooperative AI for Human-Machine Work

AI technology improves productivity in factories and plants

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Scene-Aware Interaction Technology

More natural and intuitive human-machine interaction through scene awareness

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Production Line Improvement Technology

Combines integrated design environment with AI simulation

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Compact AI Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Solution for Human-Machine Interfaces

Mitsubishi Electric Develops AI-based Aeration Control Technology for Biological Wastewater Treatment

Will realize highly energy-efficient wastewater treatment

Mitsubishi Electric's KOTSUMON System Uses AI Video Technology to Analyze Production Line Workers' Motions

Mitsubishi Electric Develops AI-based Diagnostic Technology

AI reduces equipment downtime and improves productivity in factories and plants

Behavioral-analysis AI Detects Slight Differences in Human Movements

Achieves fast analysis without prior machine learning

Mitsubishi Electric's Fast Stepwise-learning AI Shortens Motion Learning

Ideal for efficient startup of production equipment

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Multilingual Speech Recognition Technology that Automatically Identifies which Language is Spoken

Will help realize speech interfaces that are highly suited to a wide variety of situations by applying the company's Maisart compact AI to simultaneously identify and understand spoken languages, even when multiple people are speaking

AI Technology Developed for Rapid FA Equipment Setup in Factories

Mitsubishi Electric and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology collaboration

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Compact GAN

Offers rapid image synthesis with low computational complexity and reduced memory footprint

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Visualization Technology for Use in Domestic Power Consumption Management

Estimates the power consumption of home appliances without the need for additional equipment

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Smart, Natural HMI for Smart Mobility

Identifies objects not in driver's sight line and enables verbal, natural dialogs with navigation system

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Ultra-Wideband Digitally Controlled GaN Amplifier for Mobile Base Stations

Expected to contribute to large-capacity communication and reduce power consumption of mobile base stations

New Technology Uses Model-based AI Learning to Control Equipment

Learns autonomously how to control equipment

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Intelligent Wireless Communication Technology Supported with Artificial Intelligence

Is expected to help reducing IoT device sizes and power consumption

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Compact Hardware AI for Implementation on Small-scale FPGAs

Improved real-time processing and reduced costs will expand opportunities for AI deployment in home appliances, elevators, high-precision maps and more

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Smart-control AI Technology that Adapts Rapidly and Nimbly to Changing Conditions

Enables industrial robots to optimize motions in real time, even as objects move

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Object-recognition Camera Technology Using Proprietary AI for Coming Mirrorless Cars

Instant recognition of distant objects will enhance driving safety

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Fast Force-feedback Control Algorithm by Applying AI Technology

Enables industrial robots to achieve fast, human-like nimble assembly

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Smart-learning Algorithm for Extra-efficient AI

Dramatically reduces number of trials required for precise machine-learned AI control

Mitsubishi Electric Separates Simultaneous Speech of Multiple Unknown Speakers Recorded with One Microphone

Speech-separation technology achieved with proprietary "Deep Clustering" AI method

Mitsubishi Electric Develops 3D-model AR Technology for Inspections

AR smart glasses help to reduce workload and confirm data accuracy

Mitsubishi Electric Develops High-Speed Training Algorithm for Deep Learning

Training function on embedded systems applications in vehicles, robots and more

Mitsubishi Electric Develops World's First Automated Design Deep-learning Algorithm

Expected to facilitate development of fast, easy and low-cost AI

Mitsubishi Electric Develops World's First Real-time Crowd-congestion Estimation System

Promises to enhance crowd safety and operational efficiency at large events

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Compact AI

Embedded systems applications in vehicles, robots and more

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Machine-learning Technology That Detects Cognitive Distractions in Drivers

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