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Product Features


What is SSCNET?

Mitsubishi has invented an original servo system network "SSCNET" in pursuit of reliability. SSCNET is an optical network that realizes smooth, high-response and high-accuracy operation under all circumstances.

* SSCNET (Servo System Controller NETwork)

Smooth, High-Speed and High-Accuracy Operation

Servo technology has been remarkably advanced. SSCNET realizes high-performance and high-accuracy devices that could not be attained with conventional pulse train command or analogue command.

There were problems with both pulse-train command and analogue command: former had a limited pulse frequency for a high-speed and high-accuracy control, and the latter was vulnerable to the line noise, voltage drop due to the cable length, and temperature drift.

SSCNET, however, resolves these problems and realizes smoother operations with high speed and accuracy. The high-speed serial communication system in SSCNET allows the servo motor synchronous control system and absolute-position system to be easily structured, and the one-touch connection with the connector simplifies wiring.

Reduced Wiring

SSCNET can be connected only by inserting the dedicated cable into connectors. No more complicated wiring is necessary.

Improved Reliability

SSCNET offers a high degree of accuracy and communication reliability with its data communication. When an error occurs during communication, the current data is discarded and the following normal data is used.

SSCNETIII/H Specifications

Communication Medium Optical Fiber Cable
Standard Cord for Inside Panel
Standard Cable for Outside Panel
Long-Distance Cable (Note-1)
Communication Speed 150 Mbps
Communication Cycle (Note-2) Send 0.22 ms/0.44 ms/0.88 ms
Receive 0.22 ms/0.44 ms/0.88 ms
Maximum Control Axes per System Communication Cycle 0.22 ms : 4 axes/system
Communication Cycle 0.44 ms : 8 axes/system
Communication Cycle 0.88 ms : 16 axes/system
Transmission Distance Maximum 20 m between Stations
Maximum Overall Distance 320 m
(20 m x 16 axes)
Maximum 50 m between Stations
Maximum Overall Distance 800 m
(50 m x 16 axes)
Noise Resistance

(Note-1) : Special-order product.

(Note-2) : Communication cycle differs according to the controller specifications.

SSCNET Target Models

Servo System Controllers

Motion controlle MELSEC iQ-R
Simple Motion module MELSEC iQ-R
Simple Motion module MELSEC iQ-F
Motion controlle Q173DSCPU/Q172DSCPU MELSEC-Q
Stand-Alone Motion controlle MELSEC-Q
Simple Motion module MELSEC-Q
Simple Motion module MELSEC-L
Position board Embedded Type Servo System Controller

Servo Amplifiers


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