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The best choice for a completerange of applications.

Inverters are variable frequency power supply units which can change the rotation speed of the three-phase induction motors easily and flexibly.
High-performance and environmentally friendly inverter compliant with global standards.
An extensive range of models are available according to application.

Product List

FR-A series

High performance and high quality new inverter of the highest level.
With the enhanced drive performance and usability, the inverter is compliant with applicable safety standards.

FR-A800 Plus series

The optimum functions for each dedicated field are added to the already high performance and high functionality of FR-A800 series inverter.

FR-F series

Enhanced next-generation energy-saving inverter.Equipped various functions ideal for fans and pumps.

FR-E series

Achieving the top level of driving performance in compact body, the inverter became more powerful.

FR-D series

In addition to the improved reliability and easy maintenance, pursued easier use and better performance.

FR-CS series

Various Functions in a Small Body Compact and Smart Inverter.

Multifunction Regeneration Converter

Versatile and feature-rich converter for power regeneration
Single Solution for Both Harmonic Suppression and Power Regeneration



iQ Works

iQ Works is a comprehensive software suite that contains programming software for programmable controllers, motion controllers, GOTs, etc.

FR Configurator2

FR Configurator2 is a software supports inverter from startup to maintenance.(Compatible with the 800/700 series inverters)
The release version (updated) and the free trial version (usable free of charge with limited functions) can be downloaded.

FR Configurator Mobile

Mobile app for the Ethernet model inverters. Inverters can be checked and operated using smart phones or tablets.

iQ AppPortal

MELSOFT iQ AppPortal is software used to manage assets integrated for each purpose, such as project files of MELSOFT products or design drawings/documents.


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