Factory Automation


NC Software Tools

Network software tools provide an improved CNC environment.

Product List

NC Servo Selection

Assists in the selection of the servo capacity.

NC Designer2

Assists in the creation of screens in Windows.

NC Trainer2/NC Trainer2 plus

Mitsubishi CNC training software (NC Trainer2) and custom development support software (NC Trainer2 plus).
An extensive range of development tools that assist in CNC individualization.

NC Configurator2

Assists in configuring parameters for multiple CNCs connected to a network.

NC Analyzer2

Assists in the adjustment of servo parameters.

NC Explorer

Allows machining program data to be transferred from both the NC and host computer via an Ethernet connection.

NC Monitor2

Allows multiple CNCs to be remotely monitored and controlled at the same time.

Remote Monitor Tool (C70)

Allows NC to be monitored and controlled from a computer.

NC Virtual Simulator

High-fidelity simulator digitizes the processes from product designing to trial machining, improving work efficiency and productivity.

NC Machine Tool Optimizer

This software analyzes and diagnoses the operation status collected from machine tools and peripheral equipment.


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