Factory Automation


Introduction of

As the world faces increasing uncertainties and social changes, manufacturing companies understand the need to transform.

Mitsubishi Electric utilizes digital technology to connect the entire manufacturing life cycle with the aim of optimal and flexible manufacturing to address uncertainty.

FA-IT integrated solution

By utilizing FA and IT technologies, we will reduce the total cost of development, production, and maintenance, continue to support customer improvement activities, and propose solutions that aim for monozukuri that is one step ahead.

e-F@ctory consists of three stages: "Shop floor", "IT system", and "Edge computing" which links them.

Shop floor

Collects and stores various data in real time for visualization.

Edge computing

Analyzes (visualizes) the data collected from the shop floor and immediately provides feedback to the shop floor to perform predictive maintenance. Achieves seamless data connectivity with IT systems by organizing and analyzing the collected data in the edge computing area.

IT system

Improves (visualizes) the shop floor by utilizing SCADA, software such as simulator, and cloud service.

e-F@ctory collaborates with many partners with advanced technology and extensive know-how across all monozukuri fields. We provide optimal solutions in various regions and fields in response to the issues experienced by our customers.

To realize

Mitsubishi Electric utilizes SMKL to evaluate the promotion level of e-F@ctory at the manufacturing site and creates an improvement plan for the manufacturing site.

What is SMKL?

An indicator to grasp the current position of the manufacturing site by evaluating the status of IoT with 16 cells. SMKL enables systematic investment decisions to be made between the manager and the person in charge of the equipment.

Solutions for IoT

Introduces solutions according to the IoT level using the evaluation index for IoT, "SMKL".


Introduces solutions for each industry type and process, leveraging knowledge accumulated to date.


Introduces global trends and solutions for business issues such as design and maintenance.

Examples of

Nagoya Works

The case of e-F@ctory introduced in Nagoya Works and the product production process are introduced in a video.

Fukuyama Works

The case of e-F@ctory introduced in Fukuyama Works and the product production process are introduced in a video.