Simple Application Controllers

Simple Application Controllers ALPHA2 The ALPHA2 series can be easily used in all places where control is needed for the home, office, or factory.

  • ALPHA2 Main Unit
  • I/O Extension
  • Analog Control
  • AS-Interface
  • Engineering Software
  • Option

Motion Controllers

Mitsubishi Electric Motion controller Simple motion module Positioning module Further evolution with high performance and reliability for next generation motion control.

  • Q series Motion controller
  • Stand-Alone Motion controller
  • Q series Simple Motion module (Positioning module)
  • L series Simple Motion module
  • Single Axis Motion controller
  • Engineering Software

Computerized Numerical Controllers(CNCs)

Computerized Numerical Controllers(CNCs) As a global CNC provider as well as the best partner, we provide optimum technologies and supports for the users making a step toward the future.