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JAXA New Ground Network (GN)

This upgraded satellite ground network system by JAXA (formerly NASDA) will allow tracking coverage to be expanded worldwide while also reducing operational costs. Mitsubishi Electric was chosen as the contractor for this project by JAXA (then NASDA) in 1998.

The new ground network configuration is composed of the Tsukuba Control Center and seven other stations worldwide. All of the stations are connected to each other via a wide-area network (WAN), and each earth station is run unmanned.

General Information

  • Operation Start: 2002
  • Station Locations: Five in Japan; Four worldwide
  • Frequency: S-band

Main Features

  • 3-axis antenna equipment (10m diameter)
  • New data system recommended by CCSDS for worldwide compatibility
  • Reduced total development costs by employing COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) units

Subsystems for Earth Stations

  • Antenna Translator/Receiver/Transmitter
  • Baseband
  • Ground Control
  • Time
  • Network


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