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JAXA Tracking Control for Launch Vehicles

This system consists of a precision radar and telemeter command systems.
The precision radar system can measure the distance and direction of a launch vehicle in real-time with outstanding accuracy. The telemeter command system, which operates at three different frequencies with a single antenna, is capable of monitoring the condition of a rocket and transmitting commands to the rocket. The combination of these two systems creates a highly reliable, top of the line system for tracking control.

Systems delivered by Mitsubishi Electric:

Precision RADAR:

  • Takesaki
  • Ogasawara
  • Masuda
  • Miyabaru

Telemeter Command Antenna:

  • Uchugaoka
  • Masuda
  • Ogasawara

Command Antenna:

  • Ogasawara

Telemeter Antenna:

  • Ogasawara´╝łUnder Construction´╝ë

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